The Dunning Period (2023)

The dunning period is a time period that you have to pay or dispute the debt.

Latonya Nova Glover

2/13/20231 min read

The dunning period is the time frame that you actually have an opportunity to deal with the debt before it hits your credit report. If you don't do this, then it will be reported to your credit report and it is really hard to get removed once on there. So if this is a bad debt or if you are unsure, send a verification letter.

Dunning violations happen constantly in the US and the complaints of their victims are shunned. The biggest effect is that innocent people pay twice for the same debt. And debt collectors like it this way. A lawyer gets a large kickback if they collect on a debt as well as money from the original creditor.

Summing it up, dunning periods are an opportunity to speak with a creditor and negotiate on your debt or even eliminate it entirely.